Bonfire Night! / Guy Fawkes

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Bonfire night. Translated from the French – Good Fire (not actually true). The real origin of the word denoted a large open-air fire on which bones were burnt (sometimes as part of a celebration).

Luckily for us, no bones were burned. But we did make Guys for our bonfire, being that the event marks Guy Fawkes night. Once the teams had made their “Guy” – each had to present it, and create a story telling of how our person came to be burned at the stake. Some BRILLIANT stories were concocted – but the winner was the story of Justin Bieber!

Fires built, Guys burned at the stake, the scouts then returned inside for an hour of apple (and onion) bobbing, and flour truffle hunting (sweets, and the odd Brussel Sprout!)

A good and messy night was had by one and all.

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